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Vattenfall chooses ProTecBird's AVES Wind Offshore for migratory bird monitoring

Updated: Apr 11

AI-based migratory bird monitoring system AVES Wind Offshore during cleaning test

Swedish energy company Vattenfall has chosen ProTecBird's state-of-the-art AI-based monitoring system AVES Wind Offshore to record migratory birds during autumn and spring migration. This decision underlines Vattenfall's commitment to environmental protection and sustainability in the offshore wind energy sector. This order will be handled together with BioConsult SH, the joint venture partner of ProTecBird GmbH.

In this project, the AVES Wind Offshore system has the task of carrying out a precise collision risk analysis for birds on the Red List. By reliably detecting, tracking, identifying and documenting the migratory birds defined as target species, the system enables effective monitoring during their migration.

A highly qualified team from ProTecBird, led by production manager Thomas Noll, was specially trained for use in the offshore sector. In a multi-day operation, the AVES Wind Offshore systems were successfully installed in the offshore wind farm and put into operation for the period of bird migration.

“We are pleased that Vattenfall has chosen our AVES Wind Offshore solution” said Thorsten Heinzen, CEO of ProTecBird. "Our team has worked hard to ensure that the system works smoothly and meets Vattenfall's high demands. We are confident that AVES Wind Offshore will make an important contribution to protecting avifauna."

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