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LEITWIND equips wind farm in Italy with AVES wind anti-collision system

LEITWINDS wind farm in Italy


LEITWIND, the leading manufacturer of wind turbines in Italy, will equip one of its wind farms in the country with a complex AVES Wind anti-collision system from ProTecBird.


The area in which the wind farm was built is home to a rich diversity of around 45 different bird species. In view of this unique avifauna and the threat of possible collisions with wind turbines, LEITWIND relies on innovative solutions to protect the avifauna and at the same time optimize the efficiency of the wind turbines.


ProTecBird's AVES Wind anti-collision system is designed to minimize the risk of bird collisions with the rotating blades. Based on AI technology, the system offers comprehensive 360-degree all-round protection for the wind farm. It reliably detects the flight activities of individual birds or the presence of flocks of birds near the wind turbines and automatically switches them off to avoid collisions.


“We at LEITWIND are not only committed to clean energy production, but also to protecting avifauna,” said Igor Terzariol, responsible for the operation of the wind farm. "The integration of ProTecBird's AVES Wind anti-collision system is another step toward our commitment to environmental protection and sustainability."


Thorsten Heinzen, Managing Director of ProTecBird, commented on the partnership: "We are pleased to be working with LEITWIND to protect avifauna. The AVES Wind anti-collision system was developed to ensure the safety of birds near wind turbines and we are proud to be part of this important initiative."


The AVES Wind anti-collision system will go into operation in summer 2024.


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