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AVES Wind Offshore

The planned intense further development of offshore wind farms will involve increased species protection regulations. We have made it our mission to meet the increasing demands with the help of AI and use of stereoscopic cameras.


Species protection requirements

When planning and approving offshore wind turbines, the special provisions for the protection of avifauna in the Wind Energy at Sea Act must be taken into account.


For those European bird species that migrate across the area and for which there is a significantly increased risk of collision with wind turbines, wind farm operators must take suitable precautionary measures to survey migrating birds during autumn and spring migration as part of risk management from the date of commissioning of the wind turbines.


Monitoring of migratory birds - the solution for your wind farm

The use of the stereo camera-based AVES Wind Offshore bird detection system ensures detailed monitoring and evaluation of bird migration in the effective range of the individual wind turbine – as required by law.

Kamera AVES Wind.jpg

Artificial intelligence for species and climate protection

AVES Wind Offshore uses a system of stereoscopic cameras and AI-based software. The cameras monitor the rotor-swept area of the wind turbine permanently (day/night) and automatically detect the birds. The AI calculates the migration traffic rate in real time and allows estimating the migration intensity.

AVES Wind Offshore is designed for use on the high seas.

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