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About us

ProTecBird. Strong in association.


Our history

ProTecBird is a joint venture specializing in species and environmental protection related to birds. ProTecBird offers innovative product solutions to accelerate the expansion of renewable energies on land and at sea. The joint venture was founded by the companies BioConsult SH and Protectis Air in November 2021. It combines the biological expertise of BioConsult SH and the know-how in the field of technical protection concepts of Protectis Air in a rapidly growing market. BioConsult SH from Husum is a team of scientists that has existed since 1998 as an independent, ecological research and consulting office. On the basis of qualified scientific work, BioConsult SH creates environmental reports, basics for protection concepts and feasibility studies with the aim of finding solutions for conflicts between humans and nature. Protectis Air is a medium-sized company from northern Germany based in Hamburg. Protectis Air was founded in 2018 as a subsidiary of Protectis GmbH, which focuses on pest control and stored product protection. Protectis Air has focused on technical systems to deter birds.

Our partners

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