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AVES Industry / AVES Stadium

Using state-of-the-art AI-based technology, we protect buildings and facilities of our customers in the industrial, agricultural, and energy sectors, as well as stadiums and sports venues, from bird strikes, damage caused by birds, and bird-related contamination. AVES Industry and AVES Stadium have been developed to automatically detect birds and effectively deter them from sensitive and protected areas in a sustainable manner. Thanks to the precise sensors and AI-based tracking software employed, it is possible to deter individual birds as well as entire flocks. The deterrence is carried out on a case-by-case basis and is long-lasting, with the efficient acoustic module and intelligent AI-based camera integration working in synergy.


AVES Industry

The applications are possible in many places and can be tailored to specific industries:

  • On the roofs of industrial buildings and the pipes of refineries, whole flocks of birds can sometimes roost, causing regular damage through contamination.

  • Power plants are often visited year-round by pigeons, crows, or seagulls due to their geographical location, construction, and the conditions they offer to birds (warmth, water, food). This poses health hazards for employees and leads to the contamination of the facilities with bird droppings.

  • Hangars used for aircraft maintenance, repair, and storage, as well as production and warehouse facilities, are frequently frequented by pigeons and other birds. This can severely disrupt production processes and other necessary operations.

  • Harvesting or loading of grain often faces issues caused by contaminations, typically triggered by crows, seagulls, or pigeons.

  • Offshore wind farms are not only visited by seagulls but are increasingly frequented by cormorants. These birds settle on the wind turbine platforms, causing damage and contamination to safety-critical access points and equipment.

AVES Stadium

For stadium operators, the protection and maintenance of the turf and seating areas are a daily task and challenge. Pigeons often nest and breed under stadium roofs, contaminating the benches and floors in the stands, as well as technical facilities throughout the stadium. Crows peck at the turf to feed on grubs, damaging the grass surface. Repairing these damages to the turf and cleaning the stands is both costly and labor-intensive. AVES Stadium provides an ideal alternative to address these challenges with AI-based, fully automatic, and autonomous bird deterrence:

  • Prevention of bird ingress through the open stadium roof

  • Adherence to noise pollution limits on the premises and at selected measurement points

  • Avoidance of excessive subjective noise perception for staff, visitors, and the neighborhood

  • Direct deactivation of the loudspeakers via one or more additional mobile remote controls

  • Compliance with GDPR (camera detection zones)

audience-1866738_1920 3.jpg
Vollautomatisches, Ki-basiertes Vogelvergrämungssystem AVES Industry und AVES Airport

The technology

The AVES products were developed to detect birds fully automatically and to scare them away from sensitive and protected areas. Due to the precise sensors and tracking software used, it is possible to scare away individual birds or entire flocks.


This is made possible by the combination of:

  • 360-degree pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera

  • powerful hardware and software

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and

  • 360-degree high-performance speakers

  • Control is via a user-friendly "Human-Machine Interface (HMI)"

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